Chinese Gods: Wusheng Laomu

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Chinese Gods: Wusheng Laomu

Wusheng Laomu (無生老母 “Eternal Venerable Mother”), also called Wujimu (無極母 “Infinite Mother”), is a goddess in Chinese religion, an epithet of Xiwangmu (“Queen Mother of the West”), the ancient mother goddess of China associated to the mythical Kunlun, the axis mundi. She is also frequently called upon as Yaochi Jinmi (瑶池金母 “Golden Mother of the Nacre Lake”).

With this title, Xiwangmu is the central figure of many Chinese salvationist religions (the “Maternist” ones), representing the absolute principle of reality, or the creative origin of all things. One of her symbols is the Big Dipper. As early as the Han dynasty, 3 year BCE, there were millenarian movements worshipping Xiwangmu.

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