What is the main goal of Religer?

Religion Ledger – platform to express your beliefs and find supporters without boundaries of conservative religion system. We want to give believers community opportunity to express their beliefs and views without boundaries of mainstream society guidance

How does Religer works?

Main concept is pretty simple:

  • Ledger is ordered by popularity of the belief (vote count)
  • You can either vote for two options from the list, or you can add two new options to the ledger (and instantly vote for them), or you can have mix of these two options.
  • We decided to allocate two votes for each believer so you can either vote for related beliefs or for one religion and one philosophical view as they can benefit each other
  • You can re-vote if you changed your mind or would like to add more details

How is it different from other official religion statistics?

Official statistic considered most popular religion types ignoring all other beliefs we have in the modern world. Also, this is internet based poll and it specifically highlight active community online.

Why ARE there so many strange beliefs in the ledger?

Modern society structure is pretty complex, we have huge amount of new concepts, philosophical views and paradigms. Another problem with conservative religions – their supporters are very suspicious and afraid to do harm to their religion by voting on the new platform.

For more details see question about moderation, let’s review couple of questionable answers:

  • “Ukraine” – we can understand why many voters would like to highlight their personal beliefs in their own country during hard times they have (Russian invasion etc.)
  • “Pornhub” – we live in rapidly changing times, new concepts, new tools, new way of living. We are not in the position to dictate you what is right and what is wrong, if you and your supporters feel that Pornhub represents you current system of beliefs – let it be there!

WHat type of moderation do you have in religer?

Religer is self moderated system, we are not in position to dictate to the believers community what is right to believe and what is wrong. If your belief system has enough supporters – it will be visible in the top of the ledger, otherwise – it will be lost in the hundreds of other unpopular or just inappropriate options. Yes, with only 250 voters – it looks chaotic, however on the big scale ledger will be restructured to represent true picture of the modern beliefs.

We reserve rights to remove any belief system from the poll (especially unlawful), however we will do it only in exceptional cases, you can check our consistency with this approach in the ledger.

Some beliefs in the ledger are not religions, why?

This is the most hot topic, nature of religion assumes that only one can be true religion. And we decided to give believers power to decide, what should be represented in the ledger. Yes, with only 250 voters – it looks chaotic, however on the big scale ledger will be restructured to represent true picture of the modern beliefs.

How do you plan to usE data from the religion ledger?

We don’t have any specific plans for now, main data structure is pretty simple – multiple sets of votes for each belief system in the ledger, we don’t collect any personal information – all we have is the trend in modern beliefs across Internet community

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