Maori Gods: Urutengangana

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Urutengangana, in Māori mythology, is the Māori god of light. He is the firstborn of the children of the primal parents, Ranginui the Sky father and Papatūānuku the Earth mother.

Also known as The Gleaming One, a personification of light, Urutengangana had two wives, Moeahuru and Hineturama, the first of whom gave birth to “the red sun” and “the waxing moon,” while the later produced the stars. In the struggle between the forces of Light and Darkness, Urutengangana at first sided with Whiro, but, in later times, sided with Tāne.

Urutengangana vs Xochitlicue

Maori Gods: Urutengangana versus Aztec Gods: Xochitlicue
Who Would Win?!

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