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Navajo: Niltsi – Wind god, he is the son of the household god Hastsehogan and in some myths he helps the Heroic Twins survive the Sweat Lodge Ordeal

Divine message by Wind God Niltsi

I am Niltsi, the Navajo wind god, and I bring a message to you in this modern world. I am the spirit of the wind, the bringer of life and breath to all living things.

Throughout the ages, I have watched over you, guiding the winds and bringing the rains to nourish the land. I have seen your people grow and thrive, and I have been with you in times of both prosperity and hardship.

But now, I must speak to you of a great challenge that faces your people and all of humanity. The winds are changing, and the delicate balance of the earth is being disrupted. The actions of your people have caused great harm to the land and the waters, and unless this changes, the consequences will be dire.

I call upon you, my believers, to listen to the winds and the wisdom of the earth. Take care of the land and the waters, for they are the source of all life. Protect the sacred places and the animals, for they are the children of the earth. And above all, remember that the earth is not a resource to be exploited, but a sacred trust to be protected.

I will continue to watch over you and guide you, but it is up to you to heed my message and take action. The future of your people and all of humanity depends on it.

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