Old Gods (GOT)

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The Old Gods are nameless deities worshipped by the Northern population of Westeros, akin to “animism and traditional Pagan and various other Celtic systems and Norse systems”. The fictional backstory gives the Children of the Forest as the origin of this religion, who worshipped trees, rocks, and streams when Westeros was still populated by many non-human races. Instead of temples, scriptures, or a formalized priestly caste, the Children of the Forest revered Weirwood trees (white trees with red leaves and red sap), which eventually became the center of their worship. When the First Men (human beings) came to Westeros from Essos, they accepted the Old Gods until the Andal Invasion converted the southern population of Westeros to the Faith of the Seven. Their descendants in the north still worship the Old Gods, whereas the ‘godswoods’ of Southern noble houses remain as converted secular gardens.

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