Philippine (Kapampangan): Apûng Malyari

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Philippine (Kapampangan): Apûng Malyari – The moon god who lives in Mt. Pinatubo and ruler of the eight rivers.

Mayari is a deity of the moon in at least three ethnic peoples in the Philippines.

In Tagalog mythology

In Tagalog mythology, Mayari was the daughter of Bathala, the king of the gods, to a mortal woman. Mayari is the Goddess of Combat, War, Revolution, Hunt, Weaponry, Beauty, Strength, Moon and Night. She is known as the most beautiful deity in Bathala’s court.

In Tagalog mythology, she is usually depicted as a beautiful young maiden, a lone goddess of the moon and one of the three daughters of the supreme god Bathala by a mortal woman. She is also the goddess of revolutions, and right to equal rule. In one story, when Bathala went into deep slumber, she issued a proposal with Apolaki to rule the land equally, however, Apolaki chose to rule only as one. This led to a fierce divine war between the two sides, leading to Apolaki taking out one of Mayari’s eyes. Shocked by what he had done, Apolaki apologized to Mayari and relented to Mayari’s proposal. Since then, Apolaki ruled the Earth every morning, while Mayari ruled the world every night, however, the light during night is dimmer because of Mayari’s lost eye.

Mayari is also referred to as Kulalaying (“moon shadow”), Dalagang Binubukot (“cloistered maiden” or “veiled maiden”) or simply Dalagang nasa Buwan (“Maiden of the Moon”). She is also venerated as the goddess of silver (pilak). She is the sister of Tala, the goddess of stars and Adlaw (also known as Apolaki), god of the sun. However, in some mythology, Tala is Mayari’s daughter. In others, and the most common, is that she is Tala and Hanan’s sisters, while Apolaki is a nephew.

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