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Philippine (Tagalog ): Anitun Tabu The fickle-minded goddess of wind and rain. Every time it rains lightly (ambon), it is said that the happy Anitun Tabu is nearby. If a storm is present, the angry Anitun Tabu is nearby. Due to the association of the ambon as a presence of the happy Anitun Tabu, the event eventually became a good time for marriages, until eventually, the better time for marriage was changed to sunny showers. This belief on marriage every sunny shower has been diverted in the Spanish era as a marriage between supernatural beings, and thus, ceased to be practiced by the common Tagalog due to demonic campaigns committed by the Spanish friars and colonialists against indigenous religions. In later stories, Anitun Tabu was also known to be a mediator between warring supernatural beings, as she was associated with sunny showers, a traditional sacred peace pact for supernatural beings. She was the daughter of Idiyanale and Dimangan and the sister of Dumakulem. To the neighboring pre-colonial Sambal people in west Luzon, Anitun Tabu (or Aniton Tauo to them) is male, conflicting with the beliefs of pre-colonial Tagalogs. According to Sambal mythology, Aniton Tauo was the most revered deity for the Sambals, however, he eventually became full of himself, leading to Malayari (male Zambal counterpart of Mayari) to punish and oust him from supremacy. Afterwards, he became one of the deities that assisted Malayari in his tasks. The pinipig (pounded young rice grains) is offered to the Tagalog Anitun Tabu. The ritual offering to her is called mamiarag. In Tagalog polytheism, the sunny shower was Anitun Tabu’s emblem. Second

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