Philippine (Tagalog ): Hukluban

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Philippine (Tagalog ): Hukluban The last agent of Sitan could change herself into any form she desired. She can kill or make people unconscious simply by greeting them. She could also kill someone by simply raising her hand and could heal without any difficulty as she wished. Because of this, frustrated men have consulted her to heal various diseases, however, she never lets her have the smaller part of the bargain. Although, she can also give healing to men without a huge exchange if she deems the person as worthy of Sitan’s aid. She taught some medicinal practices to mankind for no apparent reason. Her name literally means “crone” or “hag.” She can also make things happen by uttering sorcery. She can be sent back to Kasamaan through the guidance of Bathala and the other gods of Kaluwalhatian or through the order of Sitan. Hukluban’s emblem is a death-inducing vile.

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