Philippine (Tagalog ): Lakambakod

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Philippine (Tagalog ): Lakambakod The protector of the growing crops and the god of protections. He was invoked to keep animals out of swiddens. Pre-Hispanic images of him had gilded genitals “as long as a rice stalk”. He was offered eels when fencing swiddens because natives believed that fences he blessed were the strongest of all fences. In later accounts, pre-colonial Tagalogs offered him bounties and prayers as well in the construction of palisades and anything related to defence. His guidance is also sought to strengthen defense tools such as charms (agimat or anting-anting). His association to the gilden genital depicted him as a deity of fertility and a deity of gold. His emblems are the fence, the eel, and the gilded genital.

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