Philippine (Tagalog ): Ulilang Kaluluwa (Orphaned Spirit)

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Philippine (Tagalog ): Ulilang Kaluluwa (Orphaned Spirit) The serpent god present in some creation myths. During the start of time, both Bathala and Ulilang Kaluluwa thought they were the only beings in the world. One day, they encountered each other by accident, surprised in finding out that they were not the only beings in the world. Eventually, they learned that both of them wanted the world for themselves. In anger, Ulilang Kaluluwa challenged Bathala over the title of ruler of everything. By the end of the battle, Ulilang Kaluluwa was killed by Bathala and then burned into ashes. Ulilang Kaluluwa’s emblem is the snake, which Bathala also uses as his emblem.
Galang Kaluluwa (Wandering Spirit) The winged god present in some creation myths who loves to travel. Initially, Galang Kaluluwa thought that he was the only being in the world, until he met Bathala, During that time, Bathala has already defeated Ulilang Kaluluwa. Unlike Ulilang Kaluluwa, Galang Kaluluwa became good friends with Bathala, to the point that Bathala welcomed Galang Kaluluwa into his home on the very first day they met. Unfortunetely, after many years of being together, Galang Kaluluwa died from a terrible disease even Bathala did not manage to cure. Before his death, he told Bathala to burn his lifeless body on top of the ashes of Ulilang Kaluluwa, which was the only mass on top of the sea during that time. Bathala did just that, and from the ashes of Ulilang Kaluluwa and Galang Kaluluwa, the coconut tree grew, becoming the first vegetation made. The coconut tree’s leaves reminded Bathala of his friend, while the hard, unattractive trunk reminded him of his bitter enemy. When Bathala finally decided to create mankind from the bamboo as land had already been made years before during Bathala’s battle with Aman Sinaya, he used the coconut tree to provide mankind’s first home and the coconut as the first source of mankind’s nutrients. Galang Kaluluwa’s emblem is the tigmamanukan bird, which Bathala also uses as his emblem.

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