Philippine (Tagalog ): Uwinan Sana

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Philippine (Tagalog ): Uwinan Sana The godly guardian of grasslands or forests and deity of all portals and borders. He is acknowledged by the Tagalogs as overlord of grasslands and forests whenever entering them, to avoid being regarded as trespassers. The Tagalogs asked permission to Uwinan Sana by stating, “bari-bari apo” or “tabi-tabi po” followed by what the speaker wanted to do within the god’s realm. When Christianity was introduced by the Spanish, this tradition of acknowledging supernatural beings as owners of grasslands and forests was inputted towards dwarf-like creatures called nuno and dwende. The Spanish manipulated the natives, stating that these dwarf-like creatures were dangerous like Uwinan Sana. The Spanish eventually succeeded and Uwinan Sana’s role was replaced by Spanish culture-imported “dangerous dwarves”. Uwinan Sana was said to be a good friend of Dumakulem, god of the mountains, who he is very fond of. When Dumakulem was married to Anagolay, Uwinan Sana decided to never marry. His emblem is varied, ranging from forests, grasslands, to wildlife such as deers, hawks, and eagles.

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