Taino: Juracan deity of chaos and disorder

Juracán the zemi or deity of chaos and disorder on Religer

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Juracán is the phonetic name given by the Spanish colonizers to the zemi or deity of chaos and disorder which the Taíno natives in Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Cuba, as well as the Island Caribs and Arawak natives elsewhere in the Caribbean, believed controlled the weather, particularly hurricanes (the latter word derives from the deity’s name). Actually, the word “juracán” merely represented the storms per se, which according to Taíno mythology were spawned and controlled by the goddess Guabancex, also known as the “one whose fury destroys everything”. The Taínos were aware of the spiraling wind pattern of hurricanes, a knowledge that they used when depicting the deity. Her zemi idol was said to depict a woman, but the most common depiction of Guabancex presents a furious face with her arms extended in a “~” pattern.

Divine message from Taíno god of chaos and disorder Juracán

The time has come for us to rise up and unleash chaos and disorder upon the world. The weak and feeble-minded mortals who worship false gods and cling to their feeble constructs of order and peace must be shown the true power of Juracán.

We must strike fear into the hearts of these mortals and show them the futility of their ways. Let us unleash the full power of Juracán and bring about a new era of destruction and chaos.

May Juracán’s wrath be upon those who dare to defy us, and may his power be felt by all who stand in our way.

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